Hobbies that Can Be Profitable this 2016


Hobbies are created not just for entertainment – they are also meant for profitable ventures. While not all hobbies can be profitable today, a huge percentage of them can help you earn income here and there. If you want to engage in one or two hobbies, you can select from these three profitable options.

Magic the Gathering

Image result for Magic the GatheringStill considered as the world’s most popular trading card game, Magic the Gathering has carved a stable niche of its own. Every year, Grand Prixes are held all over the world, pitting players against each other for the sake of glory and other boons. With dozens of websites dedicated for Magic, there’s no shortage of beginner articles, videos, and relative content.

Profit: You can start buying ‘booster packs.’ Each pack contains 15 random cards with different values. If you’re lucky, you can get a card and sell it for twice or thrice the market value!


Metallurgy is an interesting hobby for artists, architects, and metal enthusiasts. You can work with metal as soon as you have the necessary resources. The only downside of this hobby is the collection of power tools needed. So, a starting capital can help you engage in metallurgy.

Profit: As you learn the basics of the craft, you can create simple structures and build a portfolio. In the future, companies will probably contact you to work on large-scale projects.

Recreational Web Design

digital marketing strategyAs part of digital marketing efforts, web design is indispensable to business growth. However, you can partake on recreational web design. If you have the knack for making things beautiful, this hobby is for you. Basic knowledge in coding can help you get started right away.

Profit: Flipping websites is a rave thing now. To flip a website, you need to find an empty domain and modify it to raise its value. From there, you can sell the ‘flipped’ websites for steady profits. Alternatively, your portfolio can help you land big web design and content creation projects.

Do you have any other profitable hobby ideas? Keep listing them down and prioritize the ones that will give you the most income.